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Better ways to connect with me..

Despite I’d really like to keep this blog lively and updated, time is working against me… so I end up doing pretty much nothing here. To connect with me or check out more frequent updates refer to one of my social profiles on: Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin

Finally got around revamping a bit my website

After much delay I finally took the time to review my website where I used to post whichever interesting finding I deemed worth sharing. Revamped the layout, changed colors here and there, and now in the process of reviewing its  plugins. Afterward time to start actually posting something on it, aside from the automated twitter […]

My favorite android apps as of today

I was asked which were my favorite android apps, and since a picture is worth 1,000 words, here’s the rundown of what I have installed on my android phone (an android 1.6 powered Google ION — aka HTC Magic). Some of these are tryouts left around, and some I can’t really say are among my […]

A few quick tests with the new toy [Canon SD990]

Earlier today got around taking a short walk to shoot a couple of pictures with the latest tech toy — a Canon SD990 IS digital camera. Since I love Canon cameras I couldn’t resist “upgrading” my almost one year “old” SD950 to the latest and greatest super compact from Canon. Probably the first (and only) […]

Assorted Windows 7 wallpapers grabbed off recent builds

I’ve been trying out various beta / rc builds of Windows 7 during the past few months, and often new builds come with a new set of wallpapers. Finally got around organizing them a bit and placing them in my photo gallery. The wallpaper gallery is available here (to get the original version select “Download […]

Clean up leftover windows installer files with msizap

Ever run into problems with Windows Service Packs or other updates failing to install? Msizap can save the day by cleaning up leftovers from previous installations / uninstallations. If the size of your c:\windows\installer (or wherever you have your ms op sys installed) is over 3 GB chances are you need to perform some spring […]