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Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to wish Happy Holidays to the — perhaps 2 😉 — readers of my personal blog 🙂 May this Holiday Season be a joyous and fulfilling time for you and your loved ones.

Pink — not always the best choice of color

Apparently the color pink is not a great choice when it comes to usb flash drives, at least accordingly to what I spotted a few days ago on amazon. Pictures above speak pretty much for themselves — same identical flash drive — the one in pink discounted over 60% the MSRP. No discount for the […]

Saving… on the box

Looks like Dell recently decided to save on shipping charges, by cutting down on packaging. More than cutting down… by eliminating the packaging in its whole. Too bad cause the mini9 box is actually rather nice, but with packing slip on the back and shipping label on the front there’s not much surface left to […]

Death Race — pretty good action flick

Saw it over the past Labor Day weekend — if you’re into action movies this is one worth watching in theaters. Explosions galore, running, chasing, shooting, complemented by good acting and a decently developed plot make for a rather appealing mix. On a 1 – 5 scale, I’d give it a 4+

Artifact from the Olympics

Spotted this rather original usb stick through one of the various promo messages. Probably something you can easily live without, unless looking for some unique memorabilia of the recent summer Olympics. I don’t think anyone else aside from Kingston thought about tying the games with a portable flash memory. On amazon at 29.95

Sign of the times

The yogurt cups I often get at the local Safeway recently shrunk down in size — although price didn’t shrink. On the positive side though, now instead of 100 calories of fat-free yogurt per serving, I only get 80 😉