Adriano Chiaretta

Assorted Windows 7 wallpapers grabbed off recent builds

I’ve been trying out various beta / rc builds of Windows 7 during the past few months, and often new builds come with a new set of wallpapers. Finally got around organizing them a bit and placing them in my photo gallery.

The wallpaper gallery is available here (to get the original version select “Download Photo 1920×1200 from the dropdown), or to grab them all all together:

Windows 7 Wallpaper Collection b7000

Windows 7 Wallpaper Collection b7048

Windows 7 Wallpaper Collection b7057

Windows 7 Wallpaper Collection b7100


  1. Adriano,

    Its great that you have archived some of the new wall papers in Windows 7. There are several more great features included in Windows 7RC including enhanced performance, increased speed, stability and security. For more information, head on over to Microsoft Springboard.

    Microsoft TechNet / Springboard

    Microsoft TechNet/Springboard

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