Adriano Chiaretta

Get Toodledo in Thunderbird – no add-on needed

Fastest way to get some sort of integration between Toodledo and Thunderbird to handle your tasks and emails within the same app:

1- Bring up the Thunderbird error console

2- Copy the code below and paste it in the “Code” textbox of the error console:

Components.classes[';1'].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIWindowMediator).getMostRecentWindow("mail:3pane").document.getElementById("tabmail").openTab("contentTab", {contentPage: ""});

Press “Evaluate”

Done — a new tab with your Toodledo task list will appear next to the “Inbox” tab.


  1. Nice trick, however is there an easy way to save the “code”? I couldn’t figure it out and eventually I saved as a text in a “draft” email but I would prefer something faster/easier. Can you think of a way?

  2. well as long as you don’t remove the newly added toodledo tab, you won’t need that code anyway. As far as myself I saved it as a note in Evernote, so I have it around just in case.

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