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Two minutes milk & yogurt mousse

Craving for a sweet, soft, chilly, low carbs & low calories dessert? Then this approach I perfected after a few tryouts might just be what you’re looking for, especially if you only have an handful of minutes to spare. – Fat free milk: 50 ml of fat free milk – Fat free yogurt: 7 to […]

Sweet and creamy yogurt based mousse

Here’s a recipe for a 15-minutes preparation mousse, resulting in a sweet, creamy, and great tasting dessert, without the classic mousse ingredients (such as whipping cream, ice cream, etc.). Ingredients: – 500 gr (2.5 cups) of fat free yogurt – 100 ml (half cup) of fat free milk – sugar sweetener at taste – powdered […]

Fat-free home made frozen yogurt how-to

Happen to live quite a few miles (or quite a few thousand miles) away from the nearest froyo place and don’t have an easy way to get your hands on some frozen yogurt? Or perhaps you realized the frozen yogurt you get at the various PinkBerry, Yogurtland (my favorite btw), RedMango, YogoFactory, and the other […]