Adriano Chiaretta

This blog is the place where from time to time I share whichever “interesting” finding I learn about. Usually tech stuff, but not always. You may spot here my comments or reactions to some event or tech news, (super easy) cooking recipes, and pictures I share through my picture gallery.

As far as who I am and what I do — I’m someone with years of experience in everything rotating around software and IT. From desktop (pc / mac / linux), to browser / cloud based, to mobile software (apps).

With an educational background in Computer Engineering, I started off playing with source code in the early nineties, web programming (asp, .net, php for the most part), desktop programming (C++, .net), and further down the road mobile programming (Palm OS, BlackBerry, iOS, Android).

At the same time i got into IT, starting off from basic server administration, and then over time I had the chance to learn, deploy, and manage various flavors of Windows Servers, Linux distros, and OSX Servers, and the majority of services they offer / support.

Over the years I moved towards managerial positions, handling teams of software developers creating internal and commercial desktop, browser-based, and mobile apps. I’m keen to try things out myself especially when there are interesting challenges to tackle — that’s probably why I always keep a very hands-on approach when it comes to managing a tech team.

I’ve been enjoying the “social” phenomena since its early stages. Messed around with various social networks and apps. Got into using them to leverage blogs and brands. And I participated in the creation of a social network focused around mobile apps.

If what above hasn’t fully satisfied your curiosity, you can find more info about me through the icons on the right hand side (facebook, linkedin, google+ and twitter are the ones most up-to-date where I usually participate in). And for more nitty-gritty details you can glance over my resume at

If you wish to get in touch feel free to send me a message through this handy contact form.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Adriano